HMI Touch Screen

Graphic Touchscreen HMI products.
Communication through Serial and Ethernet ports to PLC, PAC and
Motion Control systems.

Remote HMI
hdmi-compatible industrial hmi

Remote HMI allows you to transform your Monitor or TV into an HMI. The RMI5001 and RMI5010 are data processing units only. The RMI5090 is
a hardwired visual display.

graphic hmc human machine interface

Our HMI + PLC units merge the basic functionality of an HMI and PLC into one affordable unit. Rated Class I, Division 2.

Light Industrial Panel PC
graphic hmc human machine interface

The OMI Light Industrial Panel PC
series provides the versatility of a
Windows Embedded OS with HMI

Heavy Industrial Panel PC
industrial panel pc touchscreen computer

Rugged Industrial Panel PC series
offers Windows 7 Professional OS
with impressive connectivity and
fast processors.

Alphanumeric OIT
alphanumeric operator interface terminal lcd vfd

2 line and 4 line Operator Interface
Terminals with LCD or VFD
display. Each product has a Class
I, Division 2 rating.


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