Multiple HMIs — A Low-Cost Way to Add
Function & Control To Your System
The 4.3 inch HMI5043T Graphic HMI is ideal for adding affordable functionality and control to your system. Now OEMs can place multiple units at important control stations. Secondary units can ensure that control of the process is no more than an arm's reach away.
In this image, five  Graphic HMIs have been placed at crucial stations — giving the operator total control of the process no
matter where he is
located on the
The 4.3 inch HMI5043T is a great replacement for analog switches, buttons and gauges.
An Affordable,Yet Powerful,
OEM Solution
The very affordable 4.3 inch HMI5043T Graphic HMI is an ideal replacement for expensive analog  panel instrumentation including switches, buttons, gauges, warning lights, alarms etc.

And the fact that the unit is Ethernet ready means that you can give your PLC Ethernet access, while processes are being monitored and controlled with the HMI.

And these high-resolution widescreen units have Ethernet and are backed by the Maple Warranty and Maple's top-notch technical support.
You can create whatever graphic look you want to represent your buttons, switches, and gauges etc.

When you configure your HMI5043T, you can import graphics you created in graphics programs like Photoshop. Or you can take advantage of the image library that comes as part of the EZware software.
The 4.3 inch HMI5043T has a VNC server that allows
Remote Control & Monitoring
Monitoring your automation process from a tropical island sounds exciting and fun — who wouldn't like that scenario!

But from a practical business standpoint, perhaps the most exciting news is the vast improvement in logistics that remote control & monitoring of a Maple Systems HMI can mean for the everyday operation of your plant.

Think of the possibilities. Now the grounds keeper at the golf course can operate several water sprinkling systems at the same time. The manager at the packaging plant can monitor his shrink wrap machine from the comfort of his office. The head custodian can adjust the air conditioning in his office complex even though he's across town picking up cleaning supplies.

This is monumental in scope. The internal VNC server in the Maple HMI is included at no additional cost. Similarly, numerous VNC client apps for your remote device can be downloaded off the internet for free.  Simply type "Free VNC App" into one of the popular search engines like Google and you should find what you need.

Remote Monitoring & Control of Your
Process with your
The HMI5043T (Like all Maple HMIs) has an internal VNC server that allows it to be remotely controlled and monitored with laptops, desktop PCs, touch pads, and cell phones like the iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or any other device that has a VNC client capability.

Remote Control of the Maple HMI means remote control of the PLCs and Controllers that command the automation process. This remote command opens a new universe of logistical
improvements in the control process.
Maple's 4.3 Inch Graphic HMI Delivers Ethernet Access to Allen Bradley PLCs
The affordable 4.3 inch HMI5043T
Widescreen Graphic HMI can add Ethernet Access to your PLCs — while at the same time controlling and monitoring them. This is because each unit allows simultaneous
integration of Serial and Ethernet protocols.

The HMI5043T runs on Maple's EZware which has over a hundred different PLC
protocols (including AB Micrologix), so there is a very good chance that it will work with your particular PLC.
Allen Bradley PLC connected to the HMI5043T and then to the Web
Many Allen Bradley PLCs (as well as other brands) do not have Ethernet access or internet access. But the Ethernet port of the HMI5043T gives your machine or process Ethernet (and internet) access at a very low price. Connect its Serial port to your PLC and the Ethernet port to the world wide web. And this compact 4.3 inch widescreen color touchscreen is small enough to be placed almost anywhere.
The HMI5043T is tipping the
HMI world on its side . . .
While it is tilting its screen upright.
The HMI5043T is indeed tipping convention on its side. You can configure your new HMI5043T in either landscape or portrait mode. And that means more options for you.
Sometimes a vertical screen orientation can make all the difference.
This powerful little Widescreen Graphic HMI can be functionally mounted either horizontally or vertically — an important feature (especially for OEMs) because it allows more options for tight space considerations.

Some controls make more sense graphically if they are set up vertically. But with this great feature, the choice is yours.