5.6" Graphic HMI


5.6 inch Graphic HMI with High-Resolution Color
TFT Display and Analog Touchscreen.

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5.6" Touchscreen Graphic HMI

The Maple Systems HMI5056N is a compact Human Machine Interface with a 5.6 inch 320 x 234 pixel high-brightness high-contrast TFT display. This graphic HMI has a 400 MHz processor,128 MB of Flash memory, and 64 MB of DRAM. Connectivity is by serial port. Its nominal 2” depth coupled with the fanless design allows it to fit well in situations where space is tight.

This capable operator interface terminal is configured with EZware which has extensive graphics libraries, and the ability to import custom BMPs, JPGs, and animated GIFs. Additionally, this unit has alarm and recipe management, multi-language capabilities, data logging/sampling, and many other features to customize your application.