Backlit LCD MicroOITs


Rated for Harsh Environments & Extreme Temperatures

Great for normal lighting conditions, the affordable Backlit LCD MicroOITs are rugged and reliable enough to function almost anywhere, and like the entire MicroOIT series, they are functional in temperature extremes from -10˚C up to 65˚C.



 Class I Division 2 Rating
 Customizable Slide-In Keypad Legends
 Up To 24 Programmable Function Keys
 2 x 20 or 4 x 20 LED Backlit LCD

 Easy to Use Configuration Software
 Operate in Extreme Temperatures
 Extra Sturdy Metal Enclosure
 Support for Over 100 Controllers


Backlit LCD Models and Sizes:



2 x 20 LCD, 6 Function Keys

2 x 20 LCD, 24 Function Keys

4 x 20 LCD, 16 Function Keys

4 x 20 LCD, 24 Function Keys

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