Alphanumeric OIT

LCD or VFD Displays + Customizable Keys




The MicroOIT Series have alphanumeric displays with membrane-style keys. Each key is programmable, allowing you to define a unique keypad to match your particular application. The legendable insert feature means you don't have to pay extra for custom overlays to get a custom look.

A wide range of communication drivers are available: from Allen-Bradley, Modicon and GE Fanuc, to Keyence, Galil and Bristol Babcock. Over 75 families of PLCs and motion controllers are supported.

The MicroOIT Series lets you choose the exact keys that your application requires. With the user-definable keypad feature, it is easy to have the exact keypad layout you want.

Whether you are designing for one application or many, the MicroOIT Series fits the bill. With 500 user-definable screens, 16 or 24 user-definable keys and a user-definable keypad legend, these MicroOITs fit perfectly in any application.

Unmatched Functionality,
Flexibility and Value

Choose Your Own Keys

Key Types and Functions

Text Displays with
Customizable Keys

Vacuum Fluorescent MicroOITs

Choose the Vacuum Fluorescent MicroOITs when you need an interface with a light-emitting display that is more readily viewable in lower-light environment. These VFD OITs are also very useful in situations where a crisp high contrast display is desired.

Backlit LCD MicroOITs

Great for normal lighting conditions, the affordable Backlit LCD MicroOITs are rugged and reliable enough to function almost anywhere. And they are rated for Harsh & Extreme Environments and Temperatures.

  2 line or 4 line by 20 character displays

  LCD or VFD models

  Membrane-style keypad with
legendable inserts

  User-definable keys

  Serial RS-232 / RS-485 ports

  Recipes & Menus

  NEMA4, CE, UL certified

  Class I Division 2 rating


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