The Maple Graphic HMC is an HMI+PLC combination. The PLC I/O takes the form of modules that plug into the back of the units.

HMC7030A-M (Accepts I/O Modules)

HMC7030A-L (Built-in I/O)

3” 18-Key Graphic HMC


3.5” 6-Key Graphic HMC


5.7” 6-Key Graphic HMC

18-Key Graphic HMCs with
Tri-color Backlit LCD Display

6-Key Graphic HMCs
with Touchscreen TFT Displays

HMC7000 Series Graphic HMCs

 Support for recipes

 Ladder editor with powerful instruction set

 Data logging

 Trending & alarms (real-time & historical)

 High speed counters and timers

 Multi-language support

 Module support for digital and analog I/O

 Connect printer to serial port

 Program via serial port

 User-defined function keys

 Easy-to-use MAPware configuration software


 cULus Listed, Class I, Division 2

 Serial port (RS-232/422/485)

 USB port (programming)

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