EZware Configuration Software – Introduction

•   Easy To Use Configuration Software

•   Create Your Unique HMI Applications

•   Comes With Complete Graphic Library

•   Trends, Graphs, Key-Inputs, Pop-Ups, Alarms

•   Display Animations and Video

•   Supports Over A Hundred Controllers

•   Full Technical Support

EZware is Easy, Powerful, and Functional
EZware provides you with a versatile collection of development tools and an extensive graphics library. You can also import your own bitmap graphics made with other graphics software. And you can create as many screens as you want — up to 1999 of them.
EZware lets you create your project using features such as animated screens, alarms, trends, scripting, recipes and reports, schedule tasks, and even Video on some models. Simply put, EZware makes your touchscreen application more visually functional.
EZware allows you to create touchscreen HMI applications designed for a wide variety of industrial environments including: Automotive, Food Processing, Steel, Biomedical, Water/Wastewater, Fabric, Glass, Building Automation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, etc
EZware is the powerful easy-to-use HMI configuration software for your Maple Systems Graphic HMI. With EZware create functional touch screen applications for industrial processes such as automation, process control, and OEM applications.


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