Maple Systems' Touchscreen Display

with LED Backlight

The human eye responds to color and the HMIs have up to 16.2 million colors for use in the creation of your screens. Engage your user with custom buttons and screen objects and rich crisp photos and other colorful graphic imagery.

Maple Systems
Graphic HMIs
have precision
analog touchscreens
with infinite touch
response points.


This allows you to
place your graphics
at any location you


In addition, these touchscreens function in those situations where you must wear gloves.

The display backlight is rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, and the brightness is rated up to 500 nits. Use the screen saver and backlight-saver feature to extend the life of the backlight. Easily adjust the backlight to turn off after a set amount of time. Adjust the backlight to 32 different levels of brightness for various ambient lighting conditions.

The High-Resolution screens deliver crisp clear graphics. This is in stark contrast to the pixelized look of graphics you see on lower resolution displays.

Rich Vivid Crisp Clear Color

Analog Touch Response Points Everywhere

Backlight Longevity and Brightness

HMI Delivers Crisp
Clear Graphics 

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