Graphic HMI Display Sizes

Graphic HMIs come in various sizes — from the compact 4.3"
unit to the full-size 15" unit.

Fast CPU and Substantial Memory


With 600 MHz to 1 GHz processors,128MB to 256MB of flash memory and 128MB to 256MB of DRAM, the Graphic HMIs provide instant updating of display data while processing numerous control tasks.


Excellent Connectivity


Connectivity includes serial ports, USB ports, and Ethernet ports on many models. In addition you can use USB flash drives, SDHC Cards, an audio jack, and a video input.


Certified Reliability


Performance ratings and certifications include NEMA4/IP65, RoHS, CE, and cULus.

Sleek Design


Maple Systems Graphic HMIs have a thin design that allows for easy mounting in tight places. Easily accessible ports have been placed on the bottom to facilitate a shallow mounting depth.


High Performance Display


Each HMI has a sharp high-resolution high-contrast color touchscreen TFT display. The LED backlight provides a brightness of up to 500 nits. With wide viewing angles, you can clearly see the screen image.


Durable Enclosure


The enclosures of the Graphic HMIs are comprised of sturdy molded plastic or aluminum.


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