Fanless Panel PC

A Galaxy of Possibilities for Your Unique Operation



Affordable, yet fortified with computing power, the PC110CF
Fanless model is quiet, draws less electricity, produces less
heat, and eliminates the problem of particulate matter being
drawn into the unit itself.

The PC110CF operates most Windows software applications
(they’re loaded with Windows XP), and they offer an affordable
functional solution to innumerable manufacturing challenges
and computing tasks. The price includes the drive, the
high-speed processor, the memory, and the Windows XP
Professional operating system.



  Intel Celeron M 1.5 or 1.0 GHZ Processor

  1 GB Memory, 250GB HD, Windows XP Pro

    Available with 10.4 inch Model

    Units do not draw in particulates

NASA Likes The Fanless, And You Will Too!

NASA’s Tech Briefs Editors nominated the Maple's Fanless Panel PCs for “Product of the Year”. They also chose
the Fanless Panel PC as “Product of The Month”. They like Maple's Fanless Panel PCs, and you will too.

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