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Industrial Panel PC

Maple’s Industrial Panel PCs are rugged Windows 7 computers designed to operate in hostile industrial environments. Built to last, these Panel PCs are constructed with a rugged aluminum bezel and steel enclosure. Our Panel PCs are certified to meet NEMA 4 standards.

When you couple the Panel PC with Web Studio SCADA software, you have the perfect solution for your SCADA management challenges. Web Studio is a complete supervisory control, process monitoring and operator interface software available for use with the Windows CE and 7 operating systems.

The PC400 Series

The Perfect SCADA Solution

Heavy Industrial Touchscreen Panel PC

The PC100 Series

Affordable and Powerful, the PC100 is designed for consistent operation in hazardous environments. The PC100 is IP65, RoHS and NEMA 4 certified [when mounted to a panel]. For ultra-quiet operation, or environments where particulate matter and energy consumption are an issue, a fanless model is also available. It’s the perfect solution for tightly sealed environments where there is no airflow.

 Intel Celeron M 1.5 GHz processor

 1 GB Memory, 250 GB HD

 Windows XP Pro

 Available in 10.4" display

 Great for sealed environments

Rugged and resistant to the damaging
effects of harsh environments, these
touchscreen Panel PCs have both RoHS
and IP65 certification. Add to that, superior
connectivity including: 5 serial ports, 6 or 8
USB ports, and 2 Ethernet/2 SFP ports.

 Intel® Dual-Core processor G630T, 2.3 GHz

 250 GB HD, upgradable to 500 GB

 4 GB memory

 15, 17 & 19 inch touchscreen

 Windows 7 Professional



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