OITware-200 Configuration Software
(OIT/MicroOIT Families)

Putting the MicroOIT & OIT Family operator interface terminals to work is amazingly simple. Our OITware-200 configuration software lets you develop your application on any Windows-based PC. OITware's intuitive interface and easy to navigate controls make it a snap to design the screens, layout the keypad and setup the function keys. When your application is ready, just connect the OIT to your PC's RS-232 port, power up and download, it's that simple. And it's just as easy to modify your application in the future.

Download OITware-200 v. 3.20 Demo Software (6.4 MB)
OITware v. 3.20 Release Note

Sample Screens


  • Supports all OIT Family PLC & Motion Controller protocols in a single software package
  • Enables easy OIT configuration from a personal computer
  • Provides access to all configurable OIT functions and options
  • Transfers the protocol and application data to the OIT
  • Reads the application data from the OIT (for a previously configured OIT)
  • Full Windows compatibility—including menus, commands, and features

Introducing OITware-200 Version 3.20

It has always been a great product - and now we've made it even better. The latest release of our OITware-200 comes with powerful new features to make configuring your OIT and MicroOIT products even more intuitive:
  • Supports COM1-COM16 for project transfers.
  • Recompiled as a true 32-bit application to provide compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 OS.
  • Multi-language support allows you to configure your OIT with 2, 5 or 10 languages.
  • Recipe uploads and downloads can be triggered by either the OIT or thecontroller.
  • Remote variable storage function provides greater storage capacity.
  • OIT can be configured as a Modbus slave device.
  • Expanded support for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix Controllers, including the L data file.
  • Added support for:
    • CTC Motion Controllers
    • Yaskawa-Magnetek Controllers
    • Control Microsystems Controllers

Minimum PC Requirements

  • 486SX/33MHz PC (Pentium recommended)
  • 4MB RAM (8MB recommended)
  • 2MB available hard disk space
  • VGA graphics card
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher
  • Available serial port

Demo Software

The demo version of OITware-200 includes all the features and functions of the complete configuration software except the ability to download the controller protocol to the OIT. In addition, the OITware-200 demo software includes a demo protocol that allows you to demonstrate an OIT Family operator interface terminal without a controller. To install the OITware-200 Demo Software on your computer, click on the following link to download and then execute the owdsetup.exe file.

Download OITware-200 Demo Software (1.5 MB)



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