Smart Series: Intelligent Solutions for New & Existing Processes
Smart HMI solutions enable easy monitoring of an industrial plant from a remote device. Use the Smart App, cMT Viewer to enable the monitoring and control of any Windows PC, Apple/Android smartphone, or tablet. Enjoy excellent, secure connectivity and support with popular IIoT protocols: MQTT, OPC UA Server, MySQL Database, and more.

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Smart Series Overview: HMI Control for Smart Factories
Technological advances in the fields of IT, personal electronics, and manufacturing are expanding the role of the traditional Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the automation market. Today there are many more ways in which humans can and want to interface with their machines. It is no longer just an operator physically standing in front of a machine using a touchscreen to control basic operations. HMIs must network to a central location where a plant manager can monitor operations efficiently and receive quick alerts to resolve maintenance issues. OEMs need to monitor and track their equipment remotely and respond to problems without making onsite visits. And machine operators want to be free to walk around the facility controlling their machines via tablets and smartphones. For more information about the Maple Systems-Weintek Strategic Alliance in the North American market, click here.

All of the above is now possible. Weintek's cMT products are designed to meet the expanding need for new ways to connect to equipment, while still preserving the core function of a fixed operator terminal.

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