MAP450D, MAP460D & OIT3600B Cables

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Communication Cables (by Controller)

Controller Manufacturer Controller Model Comm. Type Controller Connector Type Cable Part Number eStore
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1500 RS-232 8 Pin Instructions


PLC-5 (DF1 port) RS-232 DB25P Instructions


RS-422 DB25P 7441-0007-5


SLC5/01, SLC5/02 (DF1 port)
Note 1
RS-232 DE9S 7441-0004-5


SLC5/03, SLC5/04, SLC5/05 (DF1 port) RS-422 DE9S 7441-0005-5


Aromat FP0, FP2, FPM RS-232 Mini DIN 5 Pin Instructions


Emerson Motion Control Axima Controllers, EN Drives, Epsilon Drives RS-232 DE9P 7441-0038-5


GE Fanuc Series 90 RS-485 DA15P 7441-0008-5


Series 90 (CPU351 or CPU352) RS-232 RJ12 Instructions


VersaMax RS-485 DA15P 7441-0008-5


CMM311 Port 1 (90-30) RS-232 DB25P 7441-0028-5


CMM311 Port 2 (90-30) RS-232 DB25P 7441-0029-5


RS-485 DB25P Instructions


Hitachi H Series RS-232 DA15P Instructions


Idec Micro RS-485 Mini DIN 8 Pin Instructions


Micro³C, OpenNet RS-485 Leads 7441-0027-5


Keyence KV Series RS-232 RJ12 Instructions


Koyo DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205 (all CPUs) RS-232 RJ12 Instructions


DL205 (D2-250 CPU) RS-232 15P SVGA Instructions


DL305 (D3-330 CPU, D3-232-DCU) RS-232 DB25P 7441-0010-5


DL305 (D3-330 CPU, D3-422-DCU) RS-422 DB25P Instructions


DL305 (D3-340 CPU) RS-232 RJ11 Instructions


DL305 (D3-350 CPU) RS-232 DB25P 7441-0010-5


RS-232 RJ-12 Instructions


DL405 (all CPUs, Port 0) RS-232 DA15P 7441-0012-5


DL405 (all CPUs, Port 1) RS-232 DB25P 7441-0034-5


RS-422 DB25P Instructions


DL405 (D4-450 CPU, Port 2) RS-232 RJ12 Instructions


DL405 (D4-450 CPU, Port 3) RS-422 DB25P Instructions


Mitsubishi FX, FX2C RS-422 DB25P 7441-0013-5


FX0, FX0N, FX0S, FX2N RS-422 Mini DIN 8 Pin Instructions


Modicon (Schneider Electric) 984 Series, Compact, TSX Quantum RS-232 DE9P 7441-0009-5


Micro, Momentum RS-232 RJ45 Instructions


RS-232 DE9P 7441-0018-5
Note 3


TSX Nano (Modbus) RS-485 Leads 7441-0027-5


Omron C20H, C28H, C40H RS-232 DE9P 7441-0014-5


C20K, C28K, C40K, C60K, C200H, C200H+ RS-232 DB25P 7441-0016-5


RS-422 DE9P 7441-0017-5


C200HS, CPM1, SRM1, CQM1 RS-232 DE9P 7441-0015-5


Schneider Electric See Modicon and Telemecanique


Siemens S5 Series
Note 2
RS-232 DB25P 7441-0022-5


S7-200 Series RS-485 DE9P 7441-0025-5


TI505 Series RS-232 DE9S 7441-0019-5


RS-232 DB25P Instructions


RS-422 DE9P 7441-0021-5


TI555 CPU/545-1102 RS-422 DE9S Instructions


Superior Electric MX2000 RS-232 Leads Instructions


Telemecanique (Schneider Electric) TSX Nano (Modbus) RS-485 Leads 7441-0027-5


Toshiba T1 RS-232 Mini DIN 8 Pin Instructions


T2, T3 RS-232 DE9P 7441-0002-5


Watlow Electric PPC 2000 RS-485 RJ12 Instructions


Yaskawa MP Series RS-232 DE9 Instructions


Note 1:
The SLC 5/01 and SLC 5/02 require the use of an Allen Bradley Communications Interface Module.
Note 2:
The Siemens SIMATIC S5 requires the use of an RS-232 to current loop converter (Siemens P/N 6ES5734-1BD20).
Note 3:
The Modicon Micro requires the use of the Modicon 9-pin female adapter (Modicon P/N 110 XCA 203 00).



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