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Case Study

Why Silverstone Automation Chose a Maple Systems HMI for Their Precision Catheter Tip-Forming Machine

The fundamental idea behind creating Silverstone Automation was to help manufacturers reduce production costs by creating operator-friendly, reliable, and compact automated assembly equipment. For their standard SilverCATH 1100 and 2200 catheter-tipping machines, the machine's purpose is to accurately form introducer and catheter tips so that when used, a smooth and gentle transition is provided for each and every patient.

Case Study: Why Silverstone Automation Chose a Maple Systems HMI for Their Precision Catheter Tip-Forming Machine

Industry: Medical
Location: Buffdale, Utah, USA

Silverstone Automation has been in the automated manufacturing equipment business since the year 2000. Their reputation is in delivering outstanding automated manufacturing equipment, meeting their customer's needs through innovative designs, robust engineering, quality fabrication and thorough testing.

Watch the video on the SilverCATH 1100
and a Maple HMI in action

Project History

If you've ever required hospitalization, odds are you've received an IV. Most patients remember this part of their visit because it's often the first event that happens after admission—it can also be painful if the provider has a hard time finding a vein. But rest assured, there are ways to maximize comfort in this when you need it most.

Take, for example, the plastic tubing that runs from the IV bag into your arm. Have you ever wondered why your IV stopped hurting once placed? Aside from being on the receiving end of the good medicine, this added comfort is mainly attributed to the way the catheter tip (plastic tubing) was expertly shaped to glide into your arm. If you are wondering who to thank, the folks at Silverstone Automation are the ones who have perfected equipment used for tipping these essential medical devices with their SilverCATH 1100 and 2200 series catheter tip-forming machines.

The Problem

When Silverstone was designing their SilverCATH 1100 and 2200 series, they had high expectations for the display, requiring:

  • A high-resolution, touch screen
  • Built-in recipe functionality
  • A USB port for saving recipe data
  • Friendly programming software
  • Password-protected screens
  • Excellent pricing
  • Trustworthy, local technical support

The Solution

The Solution

Silverstone met these requirements by integrating a Maple Systems 10.1" HMI into their design for their Precision Catheter Tip-Forming Machines. These models offer a slim form, a sleek look, and comes at an affordable price. The slim enclosure of our HMIs granted an easy mounting experience. And the 10" color touch screen allowed for quick parameter setting and selection for the end user.

The Solution

Much of this increased efficiency was related to the machine's design. With the 10.1" easy-to-read Maple touchscreen and separate screens for operators and technicians, the operator's interactions were simplified, and unintended interactions were mitigated. In addition, using pre-programmed recipes meant operators had less information to enter for each patient, reducing changeover time and minimizing errors.

In addition to their popular SilverCATH 1000 and SilverCATH 2000 series, Silverstone has integrated Maple HMIs into a number of custom one-off machines for their proprietary customers. Having an established relationship proved to be rewarding when creating these custom designs since Maple Systems offers HMIs in sizes ranging from 4.3" to 15.6", for any size project. This has made Maple Systems the sought-out name for displays at Silverstone.

With such success in their standard SilverCATH series, Silverstone has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Silverstone Automation likes the benefits of Maple Systems HMIs for their customers and for Silverstone's bottom-line.

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