Part 3 of a 3 part look at IIot Solutions: Introducing the cMT-HDMI -- 06/20/18
With no touchscreen or LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit turns any HDMI-compatible TV or industrial monitor into a large viewing display, no longer limiting your screen size to the available HMIs on the market – efficiently delivering crisp, high-definition graphics.

Part 2 of a 3 part look at IIot Solutions: HMI Database Integration -- 07/9/18
Manage your factory data quickly and easily with cMT Series HMI's built-in database connectivity.

Part 1 of a 3 part look at IIot Solutions: cMT-G01 & cMT-G02 -- 06/19/18
Maple Systems introduces Smart Communication Gateways with HMI data processing capabilities quickly build an IIoT Environment.

Maple Systems Launches New cMT Smart Factory HMIs -- 02/11/17
Maple Systems recently announced the launch of a new cMT "Smart Factory" HMI series, which enables control and monitoring of the HMI from Windows PCs, and Apple/Android smart phones and tablets.

Maple Systems Launches EasyAccess 2.0 -- 10/27/16
Maple Systems recently announced the launch of EasyAccess 2.0, a remote supporting service that enables access to Maple Systems HMIs and their connected PLCs from anywhere in the world. EasyAccess 2.0 integrates with a variety of displays including laptops, desktop PCs, smart phones, and tablets, making it easier than ever to connect to equipment in the field.

Maple Systems Launches Dual-Ethernet HMIs, Offering Enhanced Security -- 06/09/16
Maple Systems recently announced the launch of two new products in their HMI series, the 7" HMI5070DL, and the 9.7" HMI5097DXL.

Maple Systems Announces New Models and Lower Pricing on Select Models -- 03/24/14
Maple Systems is expanding its Graphic HMI line with new lower priced models! These new models, available in 4.3”, 7”, 12.1” and 15” feature next-generation architecture, spacious storage, and start at just $320.

Maple Systems Expands Its Controller+HMI Combo Line with new display sizes, Ethernet, new I/O modules -- 02/14/14
HMC7000 Product Line is expanding! Maple Systems’ Graphic HMCs, combine a Controller with Modular I/O and a Touchscreen HMI into a compact, robust form factor, reducing startup costs and space requirements. It is now available in two new sizes, each with an Ethernet connection. In addition to two new screen sizes, the capability of these units has been expanded with 9 new I/O units.

Maple Systems Kicks off its 30-Year Anniversary with New Products! -- 02/14/14
Maple Systems, the quality-driven provider of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) celebrates 30 years of outstanding products and service this year. The newest addition to our operator interface family is the HMI5000HD, a first of its kind for Maple Systems! The next is a new addition to our graphic HMI line, the HMI5000L. Finally, Maple Systems announces upgrades to its entry-level Panel PCs, the PC110 Series.

Maple Systems Introduces Rugged and Powerful Panel PCs -- 04/08/13
Maple Systems, a leading provider of human machine interfaces (HMIs), has introduced three Panel PC models. The new PC400C Series Panel PCs have many hardware features including an Intel 2.3GHz dual core processor, 4GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive. They are designed to meet even the most demanding production requirements and harsh environmental conditions.
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Maple Systems Adds Windows Embedded CE 6.0 to Open Source HMIs-- 03/07/13
Maple Systems introduced three new models pre-loaded with the Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system. The display sizes- 7” OMI5070B-CE, 12.1” OMI5121A-CE, and 15” OMI5150A-CE- include touchscreens housed in a sleek aluminum enclosure resistant to corrosion. Each model supports serial, Ethernet, USB connections, and an SD slot for storing data.
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Next Generation HMI offers Superior High-Resolution 12" Display -- 06/27/12
Maple Systems introduces the latest in a series of popular HMIs: the HMI5121P. This new model is equipped with a bright 12.1" TFT touchscreen capable of displaying up to 16.2 million colors on a vivid 1024 x 768-pixel screen. The LED backlight of the display ensures a long lifespan at a high level (500 nits) of brightness. The touchscreen is housed in a sleek aluminum enclosure that is compact and resistant to corrosion.
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Maple Systems Introduces Next Generation HMIs with Advanced Features -- 06/01/12
Maple Systems has introduced three new models including a 7-inch (HMI5070P), 12.1-inch (HMI5121P), and 15-inch (HMI5150P) TFT touchscreen display. The touchscreens are housed in a sleek aluminum enclosure that is compact and resistant to corrosion. The microprocessors are specifically designed for efficient graphic animation and heavy data processing.
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Maple Systems Introduces Combo HMI-PLC with Custom Plug-in I/O -- 01/25/12
Maple Systems has introduced a revolutionary new product called the HMC (Human Machine Controller). The HMC is cost effective, efficient, and compact, combining an HMI and PLC into one unit. Simply put, HMC=HMI+PLC.
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Maple Systems Integrates Video Capabilities into Graphic HMIs -- 04/21/11
Maple Systems has just released a powerful new Graphic HMI video capability that could revolutionize the control and monitoring processes of automation.
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Maple Systems Expands Allen-Bradley & Siemens Support -- 03/08/11
Maple Systems has just expanded their PLC support to more fully integrate their HMIs with controllers from Allen Bradley and Siemens. This important expansion in capabilities comes with their newest release of EZware.
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New Open-Platform HMIs Offer SCADA Versatility, Web-based Features, and UL Certification -- 12/15/10
Maple Systems, a leading manufacturer of industrial operator interface products, released two new UL-listed Touchscreen Open HMIs — 7 and 10 inch high-resolution widescreens that run a pre-installed version of Windows CE. These units fit the bill when you need more capability and versatility than a standard HMI, but don't need or have the budget for a full-scale industrial panel PC.
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Maple Systems Introduces Two New Graphic HMIs -- 11/15/10
Maple Systems has just added two new Touchscreen Graphic HMIs to its family of OIT products. The new HMI5043T is a compact 4.3 inch 16:9 widescreen model with a very affordable price of $390.00, and the HMI5104TH is a larger 10.4 inch high-resolution unit with a price of only $1290. This pricing is two thirds less than comparable units from Maple's major competitors, yet these units offer equal and better capabilities and performance.
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VNC Remote Control of Maple HMIs Revolutionizes Automation Processes -- 04/22/10
In a move that revolutionizes industrial automation and process control, Maple Systems has announced a new capability in their HMIs that allows them to be remotely controlled and monitored with laptops, desktop PCs, touch pads, and cell phones like the iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry.
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New Advanced Panel PCs Expand Options for Control & Automation Industry -- 01/18/10
Maple Systems is introducing a new line of Gold Industrial Panel PCs that offer you the freedom, efficiency, power, and connectivity to create your automation process based upon your primary design objectives — rather than being forced to sidestep around the limitations and design roadblocks imposed by conventional HMIs/Panel PCs.
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The Biggest Little HMI on the Market -- 11/18/09
This innovative 4.3 inch touchscreen graphic OIT has features and capabilities that you'll find in larger HMIs costing hundreds more.
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