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Drop-in Solutions to Modernize Your Automation Infrastructure

Automation and Control Systems Engineers face ever-mounting pressures to increase efficiency, bring down costs, and modernize industrial applications.

Seeing your competitors embracing Cloud and IIoT technologies, running advanced analytics in SQL databases, passing data through MQTT pipelines and the like, you may be tempted to ditch your legacy equipment and start from scratch.

Don’t tear down and rebuild. Revitalize legacy applications with Maple Systems Communication Gateways.

Breathe new life into what you’ve got. It doesn’t have to cost a lot!

Our Communication Gateways are the affordable option that allows you to keep using your existing controllers and PLCs, while enhancing the applications you’ve spent so much time and money to develop.

With our Communication Gateways, you can interface with hundreds of different types of controllers. You can aggregate data, publish and subscribe to MQTT topics, read and write from Relational Databases, sync up with SCADA systems, and much more. Even better, you can do so without modifying the applications you already have in place.

How our Communication Gateways works for you to meet your infrastructure modernization needs
Collaboration between Operations Teams (OT) and Information Technology Teams (IT) is critical to enhancing productivity and increasing the efficiency of industrial processes.

In talking to hundreds of our customers, systems integrators, and distributors over the years, a common thread has emerged as a Guiding Principle on the road to Operational Excellence. The single biggest factor they attribute to their success in digital transformation and modernization efforts is Standardization.

Specifically, customers tell us that the Standardization of Data Pipelines and Data Storage across the organization yields the greatest benefits in terms of reducing costs and empowering managers to make better business decisions.

How does a Maple Systems Communication Gateway figure into this picture?

Our Communication Gateways feature industry-standard networking and data storage technologies, with support for:
  • MQTT with Sparkplug B, connecting to any SCADA system
  • MQTT with Cloud Application Providers: Amazon AWS IoT Core, Google Cloud IoT Core, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Device security certificates to ensure encrypted communication between all MQTT end points with TLS 1.2
  • Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Communications, as Master, Slave, or Industrial Gateway
  • OPC UA Server and Client roles
  • Time-series controller data aggregation, exportable to CSV, with backup via email, SMS, or web portal
  • Full integration with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Database Servers
A Maple Systems Communication Gateway allows you to extract, scale, and transform data from legacy controllers, sensors and edge nodes, publish these process variables as an MQTT Broker to any SCADA or Cloud platform, and save data to SQL databases hosted locally or in the Cloud.

A compact, fan-less design allows these units to slot into any panel. Includes Dual-Ethernet and Serial ports for communication with over 350 types of controllers and PLCs. Free EBPro Configuration Software available for download from our Support Center

For more information on the Communication Gateways , contact us at sales@maplesystems.com
Modernize Simply with Maple Systems. Order Your cMT-G01 Today!

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