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Expandable I/O PLC, 2 Serial Ports, 1 USB Port, 16 DI, 16 DO (14 Relays, 2 PNP)
The EX-Series offers several CPU base modules available with built-in I/O that can be increased at any time by adding I/O expansion modules. Up to sixteen I/O expansion modules can be added. Most models include and RTC (real-time clock) and support for high-speed counters and PWM (pulse-width modulation) output. If you need a display, pair a PLC with one of our HMIs for enhanced functionality. Paired with free configuration software.
This is a legacy product and is no longer available for purchase. Please call (425) 745-3229 or email: for a recommmended upgrade path.
More Information about the MLC1-E1616Y