PLC Connectivity

Connect the hardware using a protocol you know

Capable of a variety of communication protocols, our HMI+PLCs will easily integrate with your preferred PLC brand Including Maple Systems, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, ABB, Keyence, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi, creating a powerful edge gateway at a great price has never been easier.
Ethernet capable HMI+PLCs are configured as a Modbus TCP Server by default, and can easily be configured as a Modbus Client on serial or Ethernet networks.

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HMI Software Features

HMI Software Features

Incredible functionality out of the box

Programming with MAPware-7000 software allows you to have web server functionality, data logging, recipes, graphs, alarms, meters, trending, create objects with multiple tasks, and more. Uses IEC 61131-3 Programming Language.

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Programming Environment

Easily Create Screens and add I/O

Don't let the simplicity fool you into thinking the program isn't powerful. Easily create, test and deploy complex operations with a familiar to understand user interface. All without the need to learn another complex programming language.

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Mapware programming Environment
Work Flow

We make it easy to navigate MAPware-7000 with a familiar user interface and common workflow.

Watch and Learn

This video series will walk you through getting started using IEC61131-3 programming language.

We've compiled all of our most useful How-To's, Troubleshooting, Webinar videos into convenient playlists. Choose the playlist you'd like to view, and watch from start to finish in our video player. To see a list of all the videos contained within a playlist, hover over the video player, and click the icon in the upper right corner.

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Case Studies

Read real-world applications. These case studies and success stories illustrate how our customers use our products to reduce costs, provide features, increase functionality, and solve problems.

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Getting started with MAPware-7000

Get up and running today with MAPware-7000, Maple Systems' HMI+PLC and PLC Programming Software. No prior controls or programming experience necessary.

MAPware-7000 Getting Started Guide: The Basics

MAPware-7000 Getting Started Guide: IEC 61131-3 Instructional Video Series

Step by step guide file

Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide brings you up to speed quickly. We recommend using this guide in conjunction with the Quick Start project files, this step-by-step guide walks you through creating your first project.

Guide about how to create sample application

Sample Projects

We have created sample applications/projects and sample kits that demonstrate software features, give programming information for specific controllers, or demonstrate product capabilities.

Additional guide and help

Additional Resources

Download software, manuals, guides sample projects, controller informaion sheets, cable drawings, CAD drawings, tech notes, or watch a tutorial video to get you started in our Support Center.

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