Maple Systems Sample Projects
We have created sample applications/projects and sample kits that demonstrate software features, give programming information for specific controllers, or demonstrate product capabilities. In many cases, you may need the appropriate configuration software to download and view these applications. To download one of our software demo versions, click here, and then return to this page to download the sample files.
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Watch and learn. We believe that learning happens in many ways, which is why we offer education and training videos on our HMI and HMI+PLC products. Our training videos offer step-by-step instructions on the most requested features and product overviews, available for you to watch at your own pace, on your own time, for free.

To view file in offline simulation:

  1. Save the file,
  2. Click Tools - Compile,
  3. Click Tools - Offline Simulation
  • Accumulated ON Delay Timer - Timer example.
  • Alarm Event - Alarms displayed in Alarm Bar, Alarm Display, and Event Display.
  • Alarm Events – Multiple Histories - Demonstrates how to display alarm/event history in an Event Display and select a single day or a range of days to display.
  • Alarm Pop Up Window - Demonstrates two methods to trigger an Event Display pop up automatically when an alarm occurs.
  • ASCII Serial Communications - Learn how to send and receive ASCII strings between your HMI and a Windows PC. Refer to Tech Note 5126.
  • Barcode Scanner - Connect a USB or serial barcode scanner to your HMI.
  • cMT MySQL Database Server - Demonstrates how to connect and disconnect an EZwarePlus project from your MySQL database and generates data to sync to the database.
  • Data Transfer Object - Move data from one PLC to anther PLC, or from one area of memory to another. See our Video Center for more information.
  • DateTime - Display and update current date and time in 12 or 24 hour format.
  • Display Brightness - Adjust the brightness of the HMI based on operator needs.
  • Email Alarm - Demonstrates how to configure your project to send an email when an alarm occurs.
  • Hand/Off/Auto - Create a graphic switch reminiscent of an HOA switch.
  • MAC Address - Display the HMI MAC address on screen.
  • Macro CHAR variable - Uses a macro to write char variables to LW registers using the SetData() function.
  • Macro Compare - Uses a macro to compare two values and indicate the higher value.
  • Macro SUM - Easily automate addition of several register values.
  • Media Player Control - Play back videos from a USB disk.
  • Meter–Counterclockwise rotation - Use a macro and conversion tag to implement a counter clockwise rotation of the Meter Display in EZwarePlus.
  • MQTT Set-up - Demonstrates how to use the HMI as an Edge Gateway.
  • OEM Sample - Provides an overview of HMI features that benefit machine manufacturers. Unzip file to view readme file. Readme file contains instructions for decompressing file.
  • Option List: Item address - Demonstrates how to change the names of items in the Option List and the number of items listed from the HMI screen.
  • Quick Start Guide Project Files (works in both EZware and EBPro configuration software) - This zip file contains all of the Quick Start Guide project files you'll need to get started.
  • Real-Time Trend Display - Demonstrates Real-Time Trend Display features including channel visibility, dynamic Y-axis scaling and visibility, and dynamic X-axis scaling.
  • Recipes - Recipe example – uses recipe word indexing (RWI) registers to read/write values from multiple recipes on one window
  • Recipe Transfer (USB) - Transfers recipe data (RW memory) to a USB flash drive (Extended Memory) and back to the HMI using a macro.
  • Scheduler - Need to schedule an event? Your HMI can do that.
  • Security - Security features including select user, login, security classes, update password, object security and window security.
  • Security – Enhanced Basic - Demonstrates how to use the preconfigured security windows in EZwarePlus to log in and out with a pop up window and to modify account settings using Enhanced Security.
  • Security Password Pop-Up - Demonstrates General mode security using a popup window to login for one user.
  • Security – Window Change - Allows users to log in using a common screen and once logged in, the HMI will automatically take the user to a different screen based on the access level of the user.
  • Transferring Recipes - Transfer recipe data from the Enhanced Recipe Database (EZwarePlus compressed file; decompress from tools menu in EZwarePlus).
  • Update PLC IP Autoconnect - Change the target IP address the HMI is accessing.
  • VNC Auto Log-off - Automatically logs out a person who is connected to the HMI using a remote PC with VNC Viewer after a period of time.
  • XY Plot - Demonstrates how to plot one set of data (X-axis) against another set of data (Y-axis) using the XY Plot object.
  • Y-Axis Scaling - Trend Display using the Y-axis for historical or real-time data values.

HMI + PLC (HMC) Series (MAPware-7000 Configuration Software)
  • Data Logging to a USB Flash Drive - Shows how to log data to the internal memory of an HMI + PLC and two methods of uploading the logged data to an external USB flash drive. Also see Tech Note 7014, Uploading Logged Data to a USB Flash Drive.
  • Pulse Width Modulation - Use PWM outputs on the HMC.
  • Recipes - How to create recipes in MAPware-7000 (see Technical Note 7002: Recipes for the Human Machine Controllers).

MicroOIT/OIT Series (OITware-200 Configuration Software)

Motion Controller Sample Kits (STEPware-100 or OITware-200)