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Choosing Your Correct Cable:

  1. Locate your Controller Manufacturer by using the scroll bar on the right side of the table.
  2. Scroll down if necessary and locate the row with your Controller Model.
  3. Follow along that row to the right until you are underneath the model you are looking for.
Note: If you see a blank space, it means we may not currently provide a cable or instructions for that controller. The word, "instructions" means that we do not make the cable but we do provide instructions to show you how to make one yourself.

Please double-check to make sure you have identified the proper cable for your unit as all custom cables are made to order and are non-refundable. If you are unsure which cable you need or wish to place an order, contact Sales for assistance at: or call (425) 745 3229.

The information in these cable tables is subject to change without notice as we continue to update and expand our custom cable offering.

Controller Manufacturer Controller Model Comm. Type Controller Connector Type Cable Part Number
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix RS-232 DE9S 7446-0004-5
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1500 RS-232 DIN 8 Pin 7446-0040-5
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 RS-232 DE9S 7446-0004-5
Allen-Bradley PLC-5 (DF1 port) RS-232 DB25P 7446-0006-5
Allen-Bradley SLC5/01, SLC5/02, SLC5/03, SLC5/04, SLC5/05 (DF1 port)
Note 1
RS-232 DE9S 7446-0004-5
Automation Direct See Koyo
Control Technology Corporation (CTC) Series 2200-2800 Automation Controllers, Blue Fusion RS-232 RJ-12 7446-0104-5
Control Technology Corporation (CTC) Series 2200-2800 Automation Controllers, Blue Fusion RS-232 RJ-11 Instructions
Electric Motor Systems See Yaskawa
Galil DMC Series RS-232 DE9S 7446-0132-5
GE Fanuc Series 90 (CPU351 or CPU352) RS-232 RJ12 7446-0079-5
GE Fanuc VersaMax Micro RS-232 RJ45 7446-0087-5
GE Fanuc CMM311 Port 1 (90-30) RS-232 DB25P 7446-0028-5
GE Fanuc CMM311 Port 2 (90-30) (Connects directly to controller) RS-232 DB25P 7446-0029-5
Hitachi H Series RS-232 DA15P Instructions
Hitachi Micro-EH Series RS-232 RJ-45 7446-0148-5
Idec MicroSmart RS-232 (Port 1 or Port 2 on RS232 module) Mini DIN 8 Pin 7446-0153-5
Industrial Control Links ICL Series RS-232 DE9S 7446-0056-5
Koyo DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205 (all CPUs) RS-232 RJ-12 7446-0032-5
Koyo DL205 (D2-250 CPU) RS-232 15P SVGA 7446-0039-5
Koyo DL305 (D3-350 CPU) RS-232 RJ12 7446-0032-5
Koyo DL405 (D4-450 CPU, Port 2) RS-232 RJ12 7446-0032-5
Matsushita See Panasonic
Mitsubishi FX 1N-232BD, FX2N-232BD, AJ1UC24 Com Modules RS-232 DE9 7446-0154-5
Modicon (Schneider Electric) 984 Series, Compact, TSX Quantum RS-232 DE9P 7446-0009-5
Omron C20H, C28H, C40H RS-232 DE9P 7446-0014-5
Omron C20K, C28K, C40K, C60K, C200H, C200H+ RS-232 DB25P 7446-0016-5
Omron C200HS, CPM1, SRM1, CQM1, CS/CJ Series RS-232 DE9P 7446-0015-5
Panasonic FP0, FPM RS-232 Mini DIN 5 Pin 7446-0043-5
Panasonic FP2 RS-232 Mini DIN 5 Pin 7446-0043-5
Panasonic FP2 RS-232 DE9P 7446-0092-5
Schneider Electric See Modicon
Siemens S7-300 Series RS-232 DE9S 7446-0082-5
Siemens SIMATIC TI505 RS-232 DB25 7446-0020-5
Siemens SIMATIC TI505 RS-232 DE9P 7446-0019-5
SIXNET SIXTRAK Gateways, VersaTrak RTUs RS-232 DE9S 7446-0056-5
SIXNET IPM Series RS-232 RJ45 7446-0136-5
Toshiba T1 RS-232 Mini DIN 8 Pin 7446-0001-5
Toshiba T2, T3 RS-232 DE9P 7446-0002-5
Note 1:The SLC 5/01 and SLC 5/02 require the use of an Allen Bradley Communications Interface Module.