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How do I synchronize the Real-Time Clock (RTC) on a Maple Systems HMI?
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There are times when it is advantageous for the RTC (Real-Time Clock) in the HMI to be synchronized with an external device such as a connected PLC. Also, it may be required to sync the HMI's RTC to a specific time zone using a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, or simply synchronize with the local time and date of the development PC.

There are several ways to synchronize the HMI's internal RTC with an external RTC. You can:
  • use the HMI's System Parameter Settings
  • use a Data Transfer Object
  • sync with the development PC when the project is downloaded into the HMI

Refer to Tech Note 5083, "Real-Time Clock (RTC) Synchronization," or the Programming Manual for more information.

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