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What are the key features of OPC UA?
Tags: IIoT OPC UA Remote
OPC UA Features:

  • Cross-Platform: OPC UA uses standard TCP/IP to communicate, enabling OPC UA clients to operate on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

  • High Security: OPC UA uses certificates to authenticate clients and encryption to protect the connection. This ensures that your data is protected and maintains confidentiality and integrity.

  • High Reliability: OPC UA uses configurable timeout settings, error checking, and allows for automatic recovery from communication failures.

  • Tag Structure: OPC UA transmits all available tags on connection which can be clearly displayed and browsed, freeing you from memorizing addresses.

  • Subscribe Mechanism: OPC UA clients can subscribe to tag addresses to receive real-time updates from the cMT OPC UA server when data on the factory machine changes.
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