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What is the difference between MySQL and Microsoft® SQL?
Tags: SQL Data IIoT
Both MySQL and MS SQL Server are widely used Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). MySQL is an open source, whereas SQL Server is a Microsoft® product. Microsoft® allows enterprises to choose from several editions of SQL Server according to their needs and budget.

Both MySQL and SQL Server support multiple programming languages. Both RDBMS support Java, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, Delphi, Go and R. But MySQL additionally supports programming languages like Perl, Scheme, Tcl, Haskel and Eiffel.

The support for many programming languages makes MySQL popular among varying developer communities. On the whole, the enterprises have option to choose from several editions of MySQL and MS SQL Server. The features of the RDBMS differ from one edition to another. Likewise, each of the two popular enterprise database systems has its own pros and cons.

Hence, it is always important for users to pick the right edition of MySQL or MS SQL server according to the nature and requirements of individual software development projects.
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