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How do I Upload / Download a project from / to my HMI?
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EBPro is used to Upload/Download from all current generation HMIs.

To avoid any confusion, in all of our documentation:

Upload means transfer the project file from the HMI to your PC.

Download means transfer the project from your PC to the HMI.


  • Downloading: Downloading a project is most commonly done using EasyBuilder Pro. Go to Project > Download (PC -> HMI). The project will be saved and compiled as needed before the download window appears. It your model has a client USB port, there will be an option to download via USB or Ethernet. If there is no client USB port Ethernet will be the only download option.



    • USBTo download via USB simply connect your USB cable from your PC to the client port on the HMI. The client port will be the USB micro or mini port on the HMI. We recommend a cable 3-ft or less and use a USB 2.0 port on the PC.

    • EthernetFor Ethernet download you can enter the HMI's IP address or search for the IP address. Your HMI and PC must be assigned an IP on the same subnet. For more information refer to tech note 5077



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