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Can my HMI be used as a Modbus Gateway?
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Maple Systems cMT and HMI products can bridge the gap between your SCADA system and field devices.

Using the HMI's Modbus RTU/TCP Slave protocol, the Modbus Gateway provides a mechanism to connect the Modbus RTU/TCP Slave protocol to storage within the HMI or in a connected device. The SCADA system uses the Modbus TCP Master protocol to query the HMI using the HMI's own IP address.

The Modbus Gateway can:
  1. Allow the SCADA System to access any HMI internal memory.
  2. Allow the SCADA System to access any device connected to the HMI.
  3. Allow the HMI to act as a Modbus TCP-to-Modbus RTU bridge.
Refer to Tech Note 5099, "Using the Modbus Gateway" and our Modbus Controller Information Sheets for more information.
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