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What is Trending? How is the Trend Display Object used?
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Trending is the act of taking data and showing it visually, usually via a graph.

Data Sampling / aka Data Logging is the act of logging data from a device, the logged data is often shown in a Trend display. The relationship between Data Sampling and Trending is intertwined.

The Trend Display Object in EBPro is used to show the data. One Trend Display object corresponds to a single Data Sampling Object. Since the Sampling Object can sample from over 40 consecutive registers, one Trend Graph can have over 40 different sets of data points shown. The true, functional number of data points that can be shown on one trend simultaneously will depend on such factors as the HMI screen size, size of trend display object, and width of each pen.

See the “Trending, Sampling, and Data Backups (Mastering EBPro)” Sample Project for more information.

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