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Can I use a Trend Graph to display historical trend data?
Tags: Data Trend Objects FAQ
The Trend Graph in EBPro can be set to show real-time (default) trends, or historical trend data.

If set for historical trending, a History Control Register must be configured. This is the register that controls the data shown on the trend graph. A value of 0 in the History Control register will show today’s data in the trending graph. A value of 1 will show yesterday’s (one day back); a value of 2 will show 2 days back, etc…

Each individual register being shown in the Trend can have its low/high limits configured; this is done in the Channel tab of the Trend Display Object. Each register being shown (pen) should have its limits set; if the value is outside the limits set, it will not be shown on the trend graph.

See the “Trending, Sampling, and Data Backups (Mastering EBPro)” Sample Project for more information.

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