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I have an old HMI5104TH. What should I upgrade to?
Tags: Legacy Upgrade
Maple Systems offers several HMIs that provide an upgrade path for your HMI5104TH. For almost all conversions, the transition requires little effort. When considering which particular HMI to replace your HMI5104TH, please note that not all replacement models are identical. Refer to Tech Note 5117, "Converting from the HMI5104TH to a HMI5100L, HMI5097DXL or HMI5121XL" or visit our website for more information on the diffences between upgrade options.

You will also need to upgrade the software and convert your project. There are some incompatabilities between software that may affect you depending on your project. As with any transition, it is best to review each screen and the general operation of the new HMI to ensure that it is performing as expected in your application.
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