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How do I update the firmware in my Maple Systems HMC or MLC Expansion Module?
Tags: FAQ
When downloading a new project to an HMC7000 Series, or after upgrading MAPware-7000, it may be necessary to upgrade the firmware of an expansion module.

To update the firmware in an HMI + PLC or PLC Expansion Module:

  1. Open a project in MAPware-7000 and connect the HMC or MLC to the computer using either a USB or serial configuration cable.
  2. Click the View menu at the top of MAPware-7000 and select Device Information.
  3. In the Device Information window, select USB or Serial, depending on your connection method, then click View.
  4. The Device Information View window shows the HMC/MLC model in Slot No. 0 and the connected expansion modules in their associated Slot No.
  5. Click the Upgrade button under the Upgrade Firmware column to see if the associated expansion module has the current firmware installed.
  6. If the device has an older version of firmware, installation of the current firmware will begin automatically.
  7. Once the firmware has been upgraded in all the expansion modules, click the Close button to complete the process.
See Tech Note 7008, "Update HMC7000 Series Expansion Module Firmware," for instructions on how to do this.
Content Created by David Franzwa