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I'm having trouble downloading to or configuring my HMI+PLC (HMC) using a USB cable - Download Issue/Error/Problem
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If you experience difficulty downloading to an HMI+PLC (HMC) from MAPware-7000 with a Windows® 10 operating system, you may need to re-install the MAPware-7000 USB Drivers.

The MAPware-7000 USB drivers are located in the folder: C:\MapleSystems\MAPware7000\USB Drivers.

Refer to Tech Note 7017, "Reinstall MAPware-7000 USB Drivers" for full instructions on how to delete and reinstall the USB driver.

Also, make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port on your PC to download to the HMI+PLC. USB 3.0 is not supported.
Content Created by David Franzwa