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I'm having trouble uploading from my HMI+PLC (HMC) to a USB Flash Drive.
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To upload a project from an HMI+PLC (HMC Series):

  1. In order to upload a project from an HMC Series, the project in the HMC must be preconfigured with a button to turn on system bit S00037 (USB host menu trigger). Turning ON this bit will cause the “Memory Stick Operation” window to pop up.

  2. When the “Memory Stick Operation” window pops up, it asks, “Do you want to perform Memory Stick operation?” Select “Yes.”

  3. he “Confirm Operation” window appears:
    “Do you want to Download or Upload?
    Download -> Memory stick to Unit
    Upload -> Unit to Memory stick
    Select “Upload.”

  4. The “Upload Options” window appears. You must upload each file one at a time. Select “APPLICATION” and the “Confirm Operation” window appears:
    “Upload operation will delete existing file from memory stick. This may take several minutes.”Select “Ok.”

  5. The selected file is uploaded and a message appears: “Upload completed successfully.” Click “Ok.”

  6. The “Upload Options” window appears again. Select “FIRMWARE” and repeat steps 4 and 5 for “FIRMWARE,” “FONTS,” and “LADDER.”


  8. A folder is created on the USB memory stick and the uploaded files are stored inside the folder.
    Application: *.MPL
    Firmware: *.ABS
    Fonts: FONT_File.BIN
    Ladder: *_LD.BIN
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