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How can I upload or download to an OIT?
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To upload or download to a Maple Systems Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), use our configuration cable (part number 7431-0096). This requires a serial connection between the PC and OIT so you can use a USB-to-RS232 adapter on the PC if it doesn't have a 9-pin serial port.

To put the OIT into upload/download mode, press and hold the key in bottom-right corner of the OIT while it is powering up. You should see the word "Initializing" in the screen followed by "Setup Password:." Press the Enter key.

If the OIT requires a password to enter the Setup screen, it will say "Incorrect Password" and reboot. You will need to go back to the Setup Password screen and enter the correct password. The next screen will say "Dn/Upload Mode? YES." Press the Enter key again. The next screen will say "Computer Comm Mode. Computer must log-on." The OIT is now ready for uploading or downloading a project.

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