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I am having trouble booting up my OMI or Industrial PC: It does not power on, or it fails to boot into the OS.
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Verify that the unit is getting power and that the power cord is securely plugged in at all points. Try booting into Safe Mode. If you are able to boot into Safe Mode, run Windows Memory Diagnostics.

From the Start Menu, type 'Windows Memory Diagnostics', then hit Enter on your keyboard to open this utility. (Alternatively, from the Windows command-line (CMD), run 'mdsched.exe' to start the utility.) When prompted, select 'Restart now and check for memory problems'.

Contact Maple Systems Technical Support if the Memory Check returns any errors. If no Memory errors are detected, run our Maple Systems Industrial PC Diagnostic Script to scan for potential issues relating to disk drives, system files, or recent system events.

See Tech Note 1141, "Gathering Diagnostic Data from Industrial PCs" for instructions on running the script. Send the results (.txt file) to via email along with a brief description of the issue(s) you've observed. If you cannot boot into Safe Mode or Normal Mode, contact Maple Systems Technical Support to request a Repair or RMA.
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