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I'm having trouble reading/writing data to the Hard Drive (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD). How can I check the health of my OS drive?
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To check the health of your disk drive, run the Windows Check Disk utility.

  Instructions for running Check Disk from Windows File Explorer:
  1. From Windows File Explorer, right-click on the 'Local Disk (C:)' drive.
  2. Select 'Properties'.
  3. From the 'Tools' tab > 'Error-checking' section, click on the button labeled 'Check'.
  Instructions for running Check Disk ("CHKDSK") from the Windows Command Prompt:
  1. Start the Command Prompt (CMD) as an Administrator: Hit the 'Windows Key', type "cmd", right-click 'Command Prompt', and select 'Run as administrator'. (Alternatively, hit 'Windows Key + R', type "cmd", and hit 'CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER'.)
  2. Type 'chkdsk /scan'.
  3. If errors are reported, run 'chkdsk /F' to attempt to fix the errors on the disk automatically.
Optional: Check Fragmentation of OS Drive -- From Windows File Explorer: Right-click on the 'Local Disk (C:)' drive. Select 'Properties'. From the 'Tools' tab > 'Optimize and defragment drive' section, click on the button labeled 'Optimize'.

  From the Administror Command-Prompt: Run 'defrag C: /A'. If defragmentation is recommended, run 'defrag C: /U /V'. -- If you have already run these tests and you believe your disk drive has failed, please contact Maple Systems Technical Support to request a Repair or RMA.  
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