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How do I move an HMI from one domain to another?

An HMI can only be registered in one domain at a time. If it is necessary to transfer an HMI from one domain to another, it must first be removed from the domain to which it is assigned.

To remove an HMI from a domain, click on the Device tab under “Management” in the domain.

Click the information icon (i) to the right of the HMI that you want to remove. In the pop up window, click “Remove” to remove the HMI from the domain.

The next time the HMI connects to the EasyAccess 2.0 server, it will generate a new Session ID and Password, which can be used to add the HMI to another domain. The Session ID and Password will appear on Window 76 – EasyAccess 2.0 Settings (or in the EasyAccess 2.0 tab in the System Settings window, depending on the model). You may have to click the Stop and the Start buttons again to generate a new Session ID and Password.

Content Created by Derek Thompson