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How to display Allen Bradley CompactLogix Strings in EZwarePlus / EBPro?

EZware/EBPro can read/write to tags that use the STRING Data Type.  The default STRING Data Type in RSLogix5000 has two elements: A DINT that is used to record the length of the character string, and a SINT data array that stores the characters (maximum length is 82 bytes).   

Although you can configure your HMI to write to a STRING tag, EZware/EBPro does not automatically update the length of the characters.  When configuring an ASCII object in EZware/EBPro to read/write to a STRING tag, you must:

  • Check the box to enable Use Unicode
  • From the Read Address section of the General tab, click the Settings button to explicitly configure the character length of the string. (A maximum of 32 characters is allowed.)

Refer to Section 9B in the CompactLogix, ControlLogix, DriveLogix (EtherNet/IP) - Free Tags Controller Info Sheet for more information on how to display a string with variable length.

Content Created by Derek Thompson