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How to transfer data from one PLC to another using the HMI, or from PLC to HMI.
Tags: FAQ PLC Data Macros

Method 1:

The GetData and SetData functions can be used to transfer data from one tag to another in a macro.

Use GetData to grab the value from one tag and store it in a variable, then use SetData to move the data from the variable into the other tag.

Use the Get/Set FN tool to learn how to configure the funcitons.

You can use tags or addresses with the macro functions, and the macro can be set to run periodically.

Method 2:

Use the Data Transfer object on the Object tab in EBPro.

If you want the transfer to happen periodically, use the Global data transfer object. If you want it to happen on request, you can use the Per Page data transfer object.

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