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Should I choose IEC mode or Native Ladder mode for my MAPware7000 project?

When starting a new project in MAPware7000, we recommend creating the project in IEC mode for a variety of reasons:

1. Access to the 5 IEC 61131 programming languages, allowing you to choose between Instruction List, Structured Text, Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, and Sequential Function Chart.

2. IEC 61131 Standard function blocks. The standard maintains a set of function blocks across all platforms, so there is a higher chance you will be familiar with how to use the different functions in IEC mode.

3. Tag-based variables and function block instances. IEC mode uses free tags (with the exception of system and IO registers) with standard data types such as BOOL, INT, DINT, STRING, etc. so it isn't possible to make mistakes like tag overlap with 2 byte and 4 byte tags as in the address-based Native Ladder mode. To use a function block in IEC an instance is created, which references a pre-programmed set of instructions in the firmware, resulting in more compact, faster projects.

Content Created by Derek Thompson