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Analog Output not responding to value loaded into the analog output register (HMC or MLC).
Tags: PLC I/O Modules
Have you configured the Analog Output Channel (1 or 2)  for current or voltage?

In MAPware7000, expand IO Allocation in the Project Information Window > Base or Expansion.

In the resulting window, check Download Configuration Settings > Configure > Analog.

Under Channel select the analog output channel you decide to use and for Type select voltage or current.

Click Confirm and Close.

MAPware7000 uses two different analog output registers depending on the type of output the channel is configured for. For example, on the MLC2 base IO analog output channel 1, register YW0001 is used for Output Channel 0 Data (Voltage) and YW0002 is used for Output Channel 0 Data (Current).

Download the project to the MLC and the analog output on the selected analog output channel should respond to a value loaded into the Output Channel Data register.

You can also go online with the MLC and monitor “Output Channel 0 Config Register” MW0073 (add this register to the data monitor window before going online), which should contain a value of “5” indicating that it is configured for Current, 4 to 20mA.

Information regarding the setup and configuration of IO can be found in the MLC I/O Module Guide and HMC3000 I/O Module Guide.
Content Created by Derek Thompson