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Using the PLC to change screens or windows on the HMI / cMT.

This can be done by using a PLC control object (found on the Objects tab in EBPro) select "Type" as "Change window" and select a register/tag on your PLC for the trigger address. When the window number is loaded into the trigger address, the window will change.

Note that the PLC Control Change Window feature reserves two registers for its operation. The Trigger address is used to write the window number that you want the HMI to change to. Once the HMI changes to the designated window, it clears the first register and writes the window number to the next consecutive register in the PLC. For a PLC with fixed addressing like the Omron CP1L, all you need to do is make sure you use two consecutive registers that aren’t used anywhere else in the PLC Program.

For a tag-based PLC like the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix or Omron NJ/NX Series, you must create an integer array with at least two elements so that the HMI can reserve two elements in the array to use for the Change Window feature.

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