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Can I change what address an object is referencing at runtime?
Tags: FAQ PLC Data

Yes. You can dynamically change the address referenced by an object using the index feature.  This allows you to create and indirect pointer or offset into PLC or HMI memory. In the object properties window click on the address settings button then check the Index register checkbox and select the index to use:


When you change the value in the index register the address the object is pointing at will change.  If you have multiple objects all pointing at the same index register they will all update when the index changes. The actual address is given by the address configured in the address bar + the current value in the index register.The value of the index register can be controlled with any object. Index registers are system tags. Index 0 is at address LW-9200.

This feature works with most address based PLC drivers.

For more information refer to Chapter 11 of the EasyBuilder Pro Programming Manual.

Content Created by Mike Sheldon