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Why am I experiencing a compile error in Window 8: "Unsupported system tag LB-9036: SD card free space insufficiency alarm (when ON)"?
Tags: Feature Legacy Objects Download Software Upgrade
When compiling a project that was originally created in an older version of EBPro, this error will occur if the model that was selected when the project was originally created does not support SD cards. This is due to a change that was implemented in EBPro: Version 6.05.01. With this change, if the originally selected model does not support SD cards, the system tag "LB-9036: SD card free space insufficiency alarm (when ON)" is not applicable, and thus not supported. 

In order to prevent or resolve this error, you will need to remove any object from the project that references this system tag. By default, the only object in the project that will cause this error to occur is the Bit Lamp object in Window 8 for LB-9036. This Bit Lamp object is automatically added to Window 8 when creating a project in EBPro.

To resolve this error, you can simply remove the Bit Lamp object for LB-9036 in Window 8 of the project.
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