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Storage Space Insufficient message pops up on HMI screen
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If the “Storage Space Insufficient” message pops up on the HMI screen (Window number 8 in EBPro), it is likely caused by not having a USB flash drive or SD card connected to the HMI when the Event/Alarm log or the Data Sampling Object is configured to save data to one of these memory devices.

When the message pops up, one of the Bit Lamps will be illuminated corresponding to either HMI memory, SD card, or USB disk. Connect the appropriate memory device and the message will no longer pop up.

Note: If the “HMI Memory” lamp lights, then the Event/Alarm log and/or Data Sampling Object is configured to save data to HMI memory without the Preservation Limit option enabled and the HMI memory is full. See “How to clear HMI memory.”

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