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Why am I getting a Macro warning W2: "Variable not initialized." after upgrading EBPro?
Tags: FAQ Software Upgrade
In EBPro v6.05.01.565, a variable check is performed when saving and compiling a Macro. This check will trigger a "warning W2: variable not initialized." for each 'declared' variable in the macro which has not been 'initialized'. After a variable has been defined, you can give it a value (in a separate statement) using the = operator. This is called assignment and is one way of 'initializing' a variable. Although it is good practice to initialize your variables upon creation, you may choose to ignore this for some reason (e.g. a performance critical section of code that uses a lot of variables), which is ok as long the choice is made intentionally. This "Warning" can be ignored and will not prevent the macro from running or the project from compiling.
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