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Converting a MAPware-7000 project from a HMC7000 series model to a HMC3000 series model
Tags: I/O Modules Software Upgrade

Take into consideration the difference in IO modules. If your HMC7000 series project uses IO, these modules will be removed from the IO Allocation folder in the project when it is converted to a 3000 series, yet the tags for the IO module will remain.

To automatically remove any unused tags once converted, open the IO Allocation > Expansion window and configure the slot to "Not Installed". Any tags for that slot that are used in the project will persist though, and the tag use cases must be found using the "tag usage" feature and eliminated.

Because of the difference in IO modules between the HMC7000 and 3000 series, it is important to be prepared to manually convert the IO use cases in the project over to the new IO module tags after they have been configured.

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