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Data Log Export via EasyWeb
Tags: cMT-Viewer Data Remote Networking cMT Upload Remote

When connecting to your cMT-X Series through EasyWeb, you are able to export data logs, event logs, and operation logs as well as make backups of the database directly to your PC. 


To connect via EasyWeb, enter the IP address of the cMT-X Series in your browser’s URL (the default System password is: 111111). Click on the "Data" tab in the menu on the left side of EasyWeb and then click on link that corresponds to the data you would like to download (Data Log, Event Log, or Operation Log). On this page you will find two buttons at the bottom of the screen, "Export to Spreadsheet" and "Backup database". 


Export to Spreadsheet will create an Excel document of the log that you have selected. 


Backup database will create a zipped tar.gz file that has the .db file within it. 


Below you will find a screenshot with an example of what your window would look like: 

Content Created by Anthony Morones