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My HMI is suddenly very slow on EasyAccess 2.0
Tags: FAQ EasyAccess 2.0

An HMI is allowed up to 1GB of data per month at a data rate of 100 KB/s. Once you have reached the 1GB limit, the data rate drops down to 5 KB/s.

To show the data being used by the HMI, enable “Show all HMI Network traffic” in the EasyAccess 2.0 app's Settings window. Here is a screenshot that shows where the option is located. Click on the “gear” icon in the upper-right in the EasyAccess 2.0 app to open the Settings window:

If the HMI frequently reaches the 1GB limit per month, you can purchase a Top-up Card to extend the amount of data the HMI can use at the faster data rate of 100 KB/s. A 5GB Top-up Card and a 10GB Top-up Card are available for purchase. Each is good for one year.

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