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How to Create Multi-color Shapes in EBPro
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The System Shape Libraries in EBPro allow you to customize the colors but only allow for two states. In order to have three or more states with custom colors, you must create a new Shape Library.

Under the Project menu in EBPro, click on the Shape Library button to open the Shape Manager. Click on the New Library button, navigate to the library folder in the EBPro folder, and enter a File name for the new Shape Library (for example, Multicolor_Shape).
ebpro multicolor shape

Click “Open” and you will see the following dialog message:
multicolor Create

Click “Yes” to create the new Shape Library file. Then click “OK” to close the Shape Manager.

Now you will have to draw the shape that you want to add. Under the Object menu, click on the Rectangle object in the Draw section (or whichever shape you want to use). When you click on the Draw object, the Properties window for the object will open. Here you can select the color and width of the Frame, and the Interior color. In this example, the Interior color is green.
multicolor properties
multicolor shape

Move your cursor to the development window and draw the shape. Close the Properties window and, with the shape selected, click on the arrow below the Shape button and select “Save to Shape.”
shape manager

The Shape Manager window will open. Select the new library you created (if it is not already selected) and click the “Save” button to save the shape into the custom library.
shape manager library

Click “OK” to close the Shape Manager. Double-click on the shape you had drawn to open the Properties window and change the Interior color to the next color you want to use. In this example, we will use yellow.
shape manager properties

Click “OK” to close the Properties window and, with the shape selected, click on the arrow below the Shape button and select “Save to Shape.”
Make sure the new library you created is selected and click the “Save” button. This will save the shape into State 1 of Shape 0.
shape manager

Repeat these steps to add more colors to the custom multicolor shape. You can use the Up/Down buttons to rearrange the order of the colors and the Copy/Paste/Transparent buttons to further customize the shape.
Rearrange multicolor shape
Content Created by David Franzwa