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How do I update the Firmware on a cMT-iV5 and/or a cMT-iV6?
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The Utility Manager application that comes bundled and installed with EBPro, features a Firmware upgrade utility for the cMT-iV5 and iV6. The Utility Manager application is located in the root of the EBPro installation directory. By default, it is installed in C:\Maple Systems\EBPro\UtilityManagerEx.exe. You will need to select the cMT X Series as the model in order to see the Firmware Update utility option.

From within the Utility Manager application:

1. In the left menu, click on [“Select Model” > cMT X Series].
2. Select the “Maintenance” tab in the left menu.
3. Click on “cMT-iV5/iV6 Firmware Update”

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